About Us  

Bennett Cabinets is a second generation family run business. It was started by my father, Steven Bennett, in 1963 in Highland Park moving to its present location in Edison in 1965. While he is no longer active in the business, his sense of joy and commitment are still present today.

We take pride in creating pieces of furniture and cabinetry that are functional as well as ascetically pleasing, always maintaining a high level of quality. Our customers appreciate the thought and care that goes into each piece that we produce and know that the quality that they get will be with them for years to come. Our commitment to the quality of our product and service to our customers has resulted in many long standing relationships with both our residential and commercial customers throughout our years of business. When working on a project it is very gratifying to our entire staff to see something that we made in years past and have the client comment that they are enjoying the piece just as much as the day it was installed. It brings a real sense of fulfillment to have our products add both value as well as enjoyment to our clients’ homes and business’.